Milly’s Kidchup® - Naturally good ketchup for kids

Milly’s Kidchup® - Naturally good ketchup for kids

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Milly’s Kidchup is a ketchup for kids made using natural ingredients. Created by our friend (and supermama!) Milly when she couldn't find a delicious and healthy alternative for her son Archie.  

Kidchup contains no refined sugar, syrups or concentrates and has no added salt.

Now your little foodies can dip into a ketchup that tastes great and doesn't leave you feeling worried about the high sugar content. It's the first condiment in the UK catering to kid's specific nutritional needs and contains no thickeners or artificial preservatives. 

The Wild Child Taste Team enjoy a dollop with our Shepherd's Pie or Haddock Fish Cakes!


Gluten free. Dairy Free. Suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

Allergens: Celery