Our Food Offering

We offer a range of both chilled and frozen products, ready for you to heat and serve or store away for busy days. Our fresh specials and snacks are changed frequently, while our frozen section will be stocked with regular foodie favourites!

Main dishes come in two standard sizes: Mini Foodie (1-3 year olds) and Little Foodie (3 years and up). Each little foodie's appetite is different and we believe mum knows best, so these age groups are for guidance only.
If you have an even littler foodie and would like us to design a weaning menu of purees, please just drop us an email to team@wildchildkitchen.co.uk

The Wild Child Kitchen Story

Set up in the summer of 2016, Wild Child Kitchen is London's new healthful food service for children. Our kitchen is beside Battersea Park in a renovated railway arch, while our office is located just over the river.
Our mission is to inspire the next generation of little foodies with a menu of colourful dishes influenced by cuisines from around the world. Your child's wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. That is why our ingredients are organic wherever possible, seasonal and sustainably sourced. We are very proud to work with some of the UK’s leading organic suppliers including Langridge Organic and Rhug Estate. Each of our dishes is made without gluten, dairy or nuts; making our food offering inclusive for little foodies with these particular allergies and intolerances. We never add refined sugar or salt to any of our meals. And to do our bit for the planet's health, all our packaging is plant-based and biodegradable.

Our Team



Natasha Lee, Founder 

Inspired by my love of food and cooking, I gave up a career in the City to found Wild Child Kitchen in 2016. I wanted to build a company that encourages a healthy curiosity in children about what they eat and where it comes from. Wild Child brings parents convenience and peace of mind knowing that our food is sourced, prepared and delivered with the upmost care, while also helping their child to develop new tastes.  All recipe ideas are tested with the help of my cheeky godson Max, his twin brother Myles and the Wild Child Foodies Taste Team.

Favourite food: Anything spicy! Being half-Malaysian, I adore the rich curries of South East Asia...Curry Ayam with piles of rice and stir-fried okra is the ultimate comfort food!


Regina Griffin, Head Chef

Growing up in Ireland, cooking has always been an integral part of family life. My mother came from a farming background and really instilled the importance of home baking and cooking by passing down traditions and recipes her mother gave to her, for which I am very grateful. Food is an occasion for me - it brings everyone together. I’m always at my happiest cooking and serving food to friends and family. 

 After many years and a different career path, I decided to attend the 12 Week Certificate Course at Ballymaloe, one of the world’s most esteemed organic cookery schools.

I’ve always had huge respect for food and believe it is at its optimum when simply prepared from quality, fresh and locally produced organic produce. Being Head Chef at Wild Child Kitchen I am in my element! I love cooking with the finest organic ingredients and working alongside Lu, our Development Chef, creating dishes packed with nutrition and flavour for little foodies.

Favourite food: For me there’s nothing more comforting than a big scoop of red lentil bolognese over a baked sweet potato with some smashed avocado on top!


development chef wild child kitchen team

Lu Salaman, Development Chef

I thank my mother every day for my love of real food. Growing up marinating, cooking, tasting and experiencing food as a family has led to a lifelong obsession with the good stuff. Having worked across the board from the early days of a start up, as a private cook to an innovation consultant in the charity sector I have tried my hand at lots of roles. Finally last year I decided to take the plunge, follow my heart and start studying Nutrition and Holistic Health at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Nearly a qualified Health Coach and Nutritionist and now working as the Wild Child Kitchen Development Chef, I love creating our menus and making sure our little foodies are getting their Vitamins A-Z.

Favourite food: I love seasonal food round a big table with anyone who wants to sit down. Lentil and Aubergine Ragù with homemade pappardelle pasta is my current fave.


 Georgia Hearn, Junior Chef

Coming from a family of foodies, my passion for cooking was inevitable. Summers in Dorset with my grandma picking blackberries from her garden and then turning them into delicious puddings is one of my fondest memories. I quickly became very appreciative of the way good food can bring people together, cooking for friends and family as much as I could. 

Eager to learn more, I went on to complete the Leith's certificate in Food & Wine course and trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to become a Holistic Health Coach. Already working at a primary school and with all this new information I had learned, children's nutrition became incredibly important to me and I wanted to pursue a career in this area. Working for Wild Child Kitchen is very exciting, becoming involved in a much needed movement of creating delicious, nourishing food for children. 

Favourite food: Anything chocolatey! Plus fresh fish eaten by the sea with lots of delicious salads and lemon.


Anna Rau, Digital Marketing Analyst

Originally from Germany, I am now in London completing my Masters in Strategic Marketing. I wanted to apply my theoretical knowledge of Branding and Digital Marketing in a real-world context, and luckily got the opportunity to work with Wild Child Kitchen. Being part of a startup is really exciting - it challenges me to think beyond Marketing and explore the broader business strategy. Since joining the team, I have found an open-minded and creative environment and I love our vision of inspiring Little Foodies!
Favourite food: Having lived in Paris for six months, I fell in love with French cuisine - especially Quiche Lorraine and delicious pastries such as Macarons and Pain au Chocolat! 

Wild Child Foodies Taste Team





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