Happy Thanksgiving!

Celebrated in the US, Canada and some Caribbean islands, Thanksgiving day is a national holiday kicking off the beginning of the holiday season. Many celebrators believe it be even more important then Christmas!
Thanksgiving Day can be traced back to the 1621, where the religious refugees from England invited the local Native Americans to a harvest feast after a particularly successful growing season. It is considered to be the equivalent of Britain's Harvest Day, but is a much more celebrated event across the pond!
Thanksgiving Traditions
  • Many Americans begin the day with a large breakfast consisting of pancakes, waffles, pastries and sometimes even pie!
  • One of the many reasons Thanksgiving is so big in the US is it is seen as a time for family to come together.
  • Many families create a 'circle of love' by holding hands, remembering those loved ones who have died.
  • Before eating the large Thanksgiving meal, Americans write gratitude lists on paper napkins.
  • In many families, everyone has to do a toast!
  • Some families place five kernels of dried corn on each place mat, reminding families before they eat how they should be grateful for the enormous feast they are about to enjoy. The five corn kernels is symbolic as this is what many only had to enjoy before the great harvest in 1621.

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