Cooking With Eggs!

With the main focus of this week to encourage you to experiment with different ways of eating eggs, the WCK team are keen to help!
Boiled eggs
An English classic, eggs and soldiers! Toasted bread dunked into soft boiled eggs is the perfect Sunday brunch meal for the whole family. Alternatively, if you struggle with poaching, boiling your eggs and then placing in cold water and removing the shell is a great way to achieve similar results.
Place your eggs in boiling water, leaving to cook for 5 minutes for a soft boiled eggs and 7 for hard boiled.
This French classic is now a firm staple in English family homes, acting as a quick and easy recipe that is great for leftovers. Delicious on their own or filled with veggies and meats, the beaten eggs are poured over a lightly oiled frying pan like a crepe. 
We recommend keeping your omelet fillings in tune with British produce, such as mushrooms and kale in winter and tomatoes and spinach in the summer!
Cloud Eggs
Instagram's new breakfast obsession! This is taking eggs to new levels and is a fun and exciting way to reintroduce the form of protein to fussy foodies. 
First, separate the yolk from the white. Whisk the whites like you would for meringues before placing on a lined baking tray. Bake at 180 degrees for five minutes, before adding the yolk to the middle of the cloud and cooking for a further three minutes.
Easy and the perfect lunchbox addition, here at WCK we are big fans of the trusty frittata. The baked dish is similar to an omelet but thicker, meaning it holds its shape enough to transport.
Have you tried our peas & courgette frittata? The perfect children's party snack!

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