Christmas Mindfulness

The festive season is a time for parties, families and celebrating, but for many the fast paced season can come with anxiety and stress. Overwhelmed with lists to do before the big day? Nervous you've exceeded the Christmas budget? Worried about all the family under one roof? Bringing mindfulness into the festive season helps us to relax and appreciate it. Christmas is a time for everyone to have fun, not just the kids!
Tips for a mindful Christmas!
After your children eat their advent calendar chocolate every day, encourage the family to all sit, take 5 big breaths and each name something they are grateful for. 
Make weekly mindful walks a thing! Taking 20 minutes out of your day to walk outside and stretch your legs. Focus on how the season has changed what you see. Are their decorations outside people's houses? Who has Christmas trees in their windows? Can you hear singing?
Spending most of your time over a hot stove? Learn to delegate and take time for yourself. Use the extended family staying to peel potatoes, make cakes and lay the table! Select an hour in your week for the season which is your time. Get a massage, do some painting, whatever makes you de stress best.
Bring Christmas yoga into the mix! The festive season often sees lots of eating and not much walking, so get the whole family stretching. This is a fun way for the entire family to interact and laugh!!

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